Komoot partners with Bosch to develop advanced integrations for Nyon and Kiox

- komoot route planner now includes e-bike stats

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Komoot has a distinct new mission: to help e-bike riders to plan and experience the best outdoor explorations on two wheels. Through advanced integrations with leading cycling technology partners such as Bosch, and komoot's new stats for e-bikers, route planning and navigation has taken a new turn.

According to Ben Thompson, Head of B2B Partnerships at komoot “Komoot’s partnership with Bosch is an essential step in the development of superior, rider-centric experiences to the growing population of e-bike owners. Partnering with Bosch on such projects is instrumental in understanding e-bike rider's behaviour which will help us with further product developments to improve not  just e-bike route planning and navigation features -  but their overall experience.”  

The following updates are now available: 

New komoot E-bike Stats

With a brand-new ebike option in its route planner, komoot users now have specific tools to help plan their e-bike Tours more accurately. The e-bike route planner is available for motorised road, touring or mountain bikes. By activating the toggle to choose e-bike when planning, riders will see adjusted Tour duration and difficulty estimates. Routes planned for e-bikes will automatically upload to komoot as e-bike rides when completed. 

Automated Tour syncing from komoot to Nyon and Kiox devices

Tours planned on komoot can now be seamlessly synced via profile connect to both Bosch Kiox and Nyon devices (previously you could only track and navigate with Nyon and the Kiox was limited to tracking only).

Once komoot has been connected to rider’s Bosch eBike Connect profile, ride data can be synced manually via the web portal or via bluetooth with Bosch’s “eBike Connect” smartphone app. It will then appear on rider’s komoot profiles ready for photos to be added and an unforgettable ebike experience to be told. For instructions on how to link your Bosch e-bike Connect to your komoot profile watch this video.

Turn-by-turn navigation on Nyon

Routes planned with komoot can now be navigated with Nyon. Forget about dot-watching your location on your bike computer, enjoy the views and trust your Nyon to lead the way with distinctive warnings should you stray off course. 

Media kit with images free distribution: https://newsroom.komoot.com/media_kits/223757/

For more information on komoot's offerings for e-bikers please visit https://www.komoot.com/ebikes

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