Komoot map for Garmin brings your adventure to life with detailed map navigation and On-Tour updates

  • Komoot’s optimized map navigation interface is now available to komoot Premium subscribers on Garmin® smartwatches and cycling computers, bringing komoot’s interactivity to the trail and road ahead
  • The komoot map for Garmin can be used on Garmin device running the komoot Connect IQ™ app, including the Edge ®, fenix ®, vívoactive ®, Venu ® and Forerunner® series among many others - even those without built-in navigation capabilities.
  • Users can update routes On-Tour and instantly sync to their device* without affecting the status of their current activity.
  • All komoot users can test the komoot map on Garmin for free until 7 January 2024.

For immediate release 

Potsdam, 20th December 2023 – Komoot can today announce the launch of the komoot map for Garmin, a proprietary navigation interface available to komoot Premium users of Garmin devices compatible with the komoot Connect IQ App. Komoot Premium users can now navigate rides, runs and hikes on their Garmin bike computer or smartwatch with komoot’s intuitive map interface, and utilize komoot features like offline navigation, turn-by-turn instructions, Zoom&Move, Dark Mode and customizable data fields. For maximum en route flexibility, users can also update Tours in the komoot app during navigation and instantly update the route on their compatible Garmin device without ending the recording of their current activity*.

Komoot users with unlocked komoot Maps Regions will retain the existing komoot ‘Tour line navigation’ feature

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Enjoy komoot’s navigation experience on Garmin fitness and outdoor devices

Whether it’s an easy hike at the weekend, a trail running session or a multi-day bike trip — komoot Premium users can utilize komoot’s navigation capabilities on their compatible Garmin devices during outdoor adventures. Thanks to the new komoot map for Garmin, komoot Premium users can now enjoy the familiar best-in-class navigation experience on cycling computers and smartwatches that are compatible with the komoot Connect IQ app — including the Edge®, fenix®, vívoactive®, Venu® and Forerunner® series among many others.

Daniela Withalm, Senior Connected Partner Manager at komoot, said: 

This is the latest release in a series of improvements that began in 2019 with the komoot Connect IQ™ app. Offering our Garmin users the same seamless and intuitive navigation experience they’re familiar with on the komoot app has been pivotal in our cooperation with Garmin. Today, we are happy to announce that our komoot map and navigation is accessible to all komoot Premium users who own compatible Garmin devices, even those without built-in navigation capabilities

Komoot Premium users can confidently navigate from their compatible Garmin device with the optimized komoot map interface. Vivid turn arrows indicate clear on-screen directions, while a Zoom&Move function allows users to explore their surroundings in detail from their device — with the ability to zoom in and out and move the map if needed. When the adventure meanders into the woods, users can also enable a Dark Mode that optimizes screen navigation in low light environments with a high-contrast komoot map.

Further komoot Connect IQ app functionalities include Tour search with filter options, and customizable navigation screen data fields, for metrics such as speed, distance, running pace, power, and cadence.

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On-Tour route updates for adventures that never stop

Adventures are beautifully unpredictable, so flexibility is key when navigating the outdoors. If users need to adapt to changing weather conditions, re-route for a coffee break or simply make a detour for a panoramic view, they can update Tours in the komoot app during navigation and instantly sync changes* with their Garmin device. No need to stop the activity, no need to delay the adventure, just seamless connectivity to enjoy the outdoors at its best.

*Internet connection is needed to sync Tours to Garmin device(s)

How to get the new komoot map for Garmin

  • To access the new komoot map for Garmin, komoot Premium users need to download the komoot Connect IQ app to their Garmin device through the Garmin Connect IQ Store (free of charge).
  • Users can now tap ‘Navigate with device’ to open any saved Tour (planned or completed) on their Garmin device and start the navigation.
  • On Garmin devices with Garmin maps, users can select their preferred map interface when beginning a Tour, choosing between the komoot map and the standard Garmin map, and change their preferences in the settings

The komoot map for Garmin is available on most Garmin devices. If a device is not compatible, it will say so in users komoot Connect IQ app profile — users should make sure their komoot Connect IQ app is up-to-date.

Rob Hermans, Product Manager Maps & Navigation at komoot, said:

Intuitivity, clarity and flexibility are fundamental when designing a map interface for outdoor navigation. With these three pillars in mind, we have developed the new komoot map for Garmin, the ultimate navigation interface that allows all Garmin users with a komoot Premium subscription to reliably venture into the outdoors without straying from the planned route — even on devices with limited or no Garmin navigation interface.

Plan your next adventure now and experience komoot’s detailed map and navigation on your favorite Garmin device. Head to the Garmin Connect IQ Store to download the komoot Connect IQ app.


Media Kit: https://newsroom.komoot.com/en/media_kits/232799

Here you'll find information on how to use komoot on all your favourite devices: https://www.komoot.com/devices

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