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Potsdam, June 11th 2024 – Komoot is excited to announce the launch of Trash Cat Events 2024 in the UK, supported by Trash Free Trails and powered by komoot. The aim is simple and impactful: encourage local cycling communities to come together and clean up single-use pollution from their favourite trails in an interactive, memorable and most importantly fun way. Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham, and London will host four events, taking place between July and December 2024.

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Raising awareness and bringing together cycling communities

With so many large cycling events offering coffee in disposable cups, unnecessary grab-and-go meals and snacks wrapped in single-use plastic, what if the community came together to do something that had a positive effect on their local environment? Welcome to Trash Cat events.

Created to clean up the single-use pollution on our trails — an example of the Trash Free Trails DIO' (Do It Ourselves) approach to protecting the places we ride — Trash Cat is a fun, interactive and inclusive series of events designed to gather cyclists together and raise awareness about enjoying nature sustainably. Every event is designed to leave the outdoors in a better way than when it started, encouraging participants to collect trash from the trails, shop local, bring a mug for the coffee van and ride on whatever bike they like. 

Trash Cat is a unique example of how bike communities can adopt our 'DIO' (Do It Ourselves) approach to protecting the places they ride, finding fun and inspiring ways to connect with each other and steward their local trails for future generations. It's amazing to see the positive response to the Trash Cat events, and how much they’ve grown since its inception. We can't wait for more Rachel Coleman, Trash Free Trails Communications Manager, said:

A series of events powered by komoot

Trash Cat and komoot have created a 'checkpoints' komoot Collection, with each checkpoint is marked as komoot Highlight, and manifesto of tasks for each Trash Cat event following the alley-cat format - a experience-focused route-planning and cycling challenge with a number of tasks that participants complete as a duo. Each checkpoint task not only embraces the playful rather than competitive side of riding but also contributes to the main objective of clearing waste from the trails.

Rider pairs are encouraged to create their own routes using the komoot Route Planner, and include all, or as many of the checkpoints as they wish, depending on the length of ride they are happy with, and the type of terrain they choose.

Founder of Trash Cat Hari Milburn, an ambassador for Trash Free Trails, Restrap and Universal Colours, said: “With two events already under our belt and four more planned for this year, Trash Cat offers a fun, interactive, and memorable experience, bringing together riders from all backgrounds to achieve a common goal of cleaning up waste on our trails. Riders are encouraged to work in pairs, and the event combines the excitement of geo-cache style checkpoints with the freedom to create your own komoot route to ride”

Hari adds “This style of event is unique, with riders crossing paths from all disciplines, sharing roads and trails, spending the day together, which doesn’t happen often!"

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4 events, 4 cities, 3 formats

From July to December 2024, Trash Cat will travel across the UK to host 4 events in Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham, and London. To allow everyone to join these events, the organisers have designed 3 different formats for all types of bikes and riders of all abilities and ages:

  • Full Event: An alley cat-style checkpoint ride with a manifesto of tasks to complete while collecting single-use pollution from your local cycling routes. 
  • Social Event: A free event to bring the local cycling community together to clear the trails.  
  • Trailer Trash: An event hosted specifically for families. A flat, trailer-inclusive route aimed at bringing cyclists of all ages and abilities together.

Prizes are awarded for various categories including the most waste collected, largest waste item, longest route, best outfit, and more

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Here below you will find information about locations and dates:

  • TRASH CAT LEEDS – Saturday, 27th July

The first Trash Cat event outside of Bristol, starting at Restrap HQ and hosted in collaboration with Kirkstall Brewery.

  • TRAILER TRASH NOTTINGHAM- Tuesday, 30th July

Trailer Trash is an event aimed at families, with a short, trailer-safe ride and trash survey. In collaboration with Women in Tandem.

  • TRASH CAT WEEKENDER BRISTOL – Saturday, 28th September 

The main event of the year. The Trash Cat Weekend event includes an evening DJ set and a Sunday Social Ride hosted by Newtown Park CC. As organisers expect a big turnout, there will be 100+ tickets available.

  • TRASH CAT LONDON – Saturday 7th December

Trash Cat London is part of Trash Free Trail’s Our Trails Alliance Gathering.

For more information about the events and to sign up visit the Trash Cat website, and follow the Trash Cat komoot Profile.

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For more information about Trash Free Trails DIO Toolkit visit trashfreetrails.org/dio-toolkit, and follow the Trash Free Trails komoot Profile.

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